Daeng Mellander's passion for food has followed her throughout her life.

Growing up in Thailand, Daeng discovered her love of all things culinary from her mother and helped her sell food in their rural town. Daeng built on this early introduction to food that resulted in her managing three restaurants in Sweden and happily sharing her knowledge of authentic North Eastern Thai food. 

In 2008, Daeng, her husband Per-Erik and two children Amanda and Johannes, made the move to Co. Wexford in Ireland. After settling in, Daeng was pleasantly surprised by the quality and abundance of fresh local produce easily available. Having a longstanding appreciation for authentic and local foods, Daeng wanted to provide an alternative way for consumers to enjoy vegetables, thus forming Daeng’s Healthy Foods, creating healthy products from locally sourced vegetables. Daeng’s crackers are handmade in Blackwater using locally grown or sourced vegetables. Each bag contains a variety of flavoured crackers. The crackers have vibrant colours directly from the fresh vegetables used to flavour them. The colours marry with the season and are never exactly the same. You can enjoy flavours such as carrot, red cabbage, kale, nettle and beetroot. Flavours are subtle and each cracker is a new taste discovery. The crackers are gluten free, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, suitable for vegans or for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthier snack without compromising the taste. 

In her spare time, Daeng enjoys experimenting with new flavours and more ways in which to enjoy vegetables, so there are more delicious creations on the go!